Nhongo Safaris South Africa South Africa, Kruger National Park   10:30


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Kruger National Park
South Africa South Africa
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South Africa Kruger National Park   10:30
Hi there, here we will repost the Safari Highlights that we have to write every safari we do. Those stories are for the Nhongo Safaris facebook page and on their website as the Ranger Diaries Smile, but this way you can stay up to date about our travels as well. The stories posted will be mine as well as from Curtis, who, as he is doing the same work, also has to write his updates. Might as well use them Wink

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I am back at home
Nhongo Safaris
South Africa
2014 (2 years and 3 months)
WWOOF-ing in the UK   2016 (3 months and 3 weeks)
South African bush, ... Belgium South Africa 2011 (5 months and 4 weeks)
My adopted elephant ... Thailand 2007 (3 years and 11 months)


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Giraffe drinking
Giraffe drinking
A rare sable antilope
A rare sable antilope
Klipsrpinger family
Klipsrpinger family

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